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A PDF document of presentations of Unit 1 to Unit 17 of the course:  Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics is uploaded. 

UNIT 1. Function and shape 
UNIT 2. Oral functional disorders: treatment 
UNIT 3. Stimulotherapy: devices and clinical cases 
UNIT 4. Muscular pattern and dental eruption: clinical cases 
UNIT 5. Early treatments and functional appliances 
UNIT 6. Statistical study of the effect of different functional appliances 
UNIT 7. Fixed appliances: occlusogram and use of customized brackets prescription 
UNIT 8. Central incisor axis control and parallelism with the facial growth axis 
UNIT 9. Biomechanics with ni-ti wires: flat and spee curved wires 
UNIT 10. Treatment of deepbite and openbite 
UNIT 11. Class I treatments with and without extractions 
UNIT 12. Class II/1 treatments with and without extractions 
UNIT 13. Class II/2 treatments 
UNIT 14. Class III treatments 
UNIT 15. Fixed orthodontic treatments and facial aesthetics 
UNIT 16. Retention and stability at the end of the treatment 
UNIT 17. Removal of brackets

Course Units 1-17 PDFs.pdfCourse Units 1-17 PDFs.pdf